Healing with Domancic’s method is highly effective therapy and as the only one has ALREADY been proven scientifically


Healing achieved by Domancic’s bioenergy method underwent strict researches. An International Scientific Board conducted some clinic tests in 1985 in Yugoslavia. Researches included scientists from the field of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychiatrists and psychology. The effectiveness of Domancic’s method was proven beyond all doubts. Media observed the situation. Gangrene healing transmitted by TV encouraged massive crowds to Domancic’s clinic. Josip Cicek, who specializes in internal medicine and epidemiology, said: ‘According to all medical knowledge, a patient should have died within 48 hours, but not only is he alive but also in the process of healing. No, it is practically impossible, unbelievable. If anybody told me about that I would not believe it. What I have learnt during so many years is either a mistake or Zdenko Domancic made a miracle’.

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