Bioenergy therapy stimulates the flow of blood to each body cell. This process is called the healing. It is said that blood equals life. From energy point of view blood, which distributes energy, ia a kind of vessel of life energy. It transports information about health to all body parts. At the energy level, its function may be improved thanks to therapy sessions. Stimulated energy flows with new information and strengthens the intelligent self-healing system – the immunity system. Biotherapies performed on many unhealthy patients proved that greater flow of energy in physical body improves the immunity system and as a result the human body can work more effectively. The aim of bioenergy is to reduce or completely eliminate health problems. It is also helpful in rebuilding personality. So that it is more aware and open. Bioenergy always focuses on finding the cause of an illness, which is an obstacle on the way of the healing process. Our body is a peculiar energy system, which constantly interacts with the surrounding environment. Biotherapy has its application in some sudden situations ( injuries, convalescence) but also in chronic diseases, tumours. There is no age boundary (except for the children under one year old). It should be combined with the traditional medicine.

By Martyna Fon

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