The world, as we know it, is perceived by us as a material one, including all the living organisms, the whole flora and fauna. But could they be alive without the life energy? Certainly, they could not. If there was not such an energy, all matter would cease to exist. We could still observe its presence but it would be completely dead. Thanks to energy, which fills everything on earth and beyond it, everything lives. The Earth is the organism, which posses enormous amount of life energy. Our body is also filled with energy that is circulating with blood. This topic is really neglected, thus I would like to touch upon it. Energy in our body has many forms. It is our energy field, combined from different levels; this is also called an aura. Energy flows through hundreds of energy channels in our body. They are controlled by energy centres, which are called chakra.

From Newton’s studies we know that physical body have direct influence on each other. Body A influences body B. The same effect happens when two people meet: one influences the other one. Certainly, you must have wondered, not once, why you felt uncomfortable in the presence of a particular person. And with other people you felt just quite the opposite- very well. This can be explained by the fact that two different energy field affect each other. If somebody has a very negative personality, his/her energy space emits very low frequency. That is why you may feel well. The greater the difference between you and that person, the bigger the negative feelings. Those people with low frequency level are called energy vampires. After a short time spend with such people you feel exhausted. Something similar to the movement of the air happens when the temperature tries to level out and wind occurs. The same happens with two people. If they are at the same level, the difference is not visible. Yet, if there is a situation, which I described above, energy from the person of higher level, transfers onto a person with low potential. In such a way, one person sort of ‘charges’ himself. Of course, after a while, everything gets back to normal. This same happens when we hug the tree. Tree, which is a harmonized organism of a great potential, give its energy back to people who hug it. The same rule applies to everything, because this is how the world works. Energy aims at balance. I advice to avoid people and places that evoke negative emotions in you and if somebody feels bad in your presence, think, maybe you are such energy vampire. Almost everybody can have such features at a worse moment in life. Yet, there are people that love being in such a state all the time.

To sum it up, you can feel on your own which places and people have positive or negative vibration because your body straight away signals this to you. You feel relaxed or anxious, pay attention to what your intuition tells you.

By Bartosz Filapek

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