By definition, tumour is a disease in which the cells are divided in an uncontrolled manner by the human body. Tumour can be benign or malignant. Both types can be cured against the popular assumption…

The benign tumour, on the contrary to the malignant, grows slower; it does not push against the nearby tissues ( blood and lymphatic vessels). This type of tumour does not characterize in metastasis through blood or lymph into lymphatic nodes and distant organs. After the surgical removal, it usually does not grow back. Yet, such type of tumour may be dangerous, which means in some areas they can become malignant. Especially, when they grow in difficult places for surgeons or when they become big in size.

The basic rule of a traditional medicine states "Primum non nocere"( from Latin "Firstly, do no harm"). Unfortunately, doctors are usually not successful. What is more, traditional medicine is often incredibly destructive for human body. Chemotherapy, prescribed by doctors devastates to some considerable amounts cancerous cells. Yet, the immunity system and micro system are damaged. Thus, a patient, straight away after chemotherapy has not got the ability to regenerate and has problems with immunity. Presently, it is known that chemotherapy has side effects. Why others, more successful and less invasive methods are not applied?

There are many ways in which a natural medicine may be helpful. One solution can be Zdenko Domancic’s method. This method underwent some lab experiments. Those experiments took place in one of the biggest world Oncology Institute in Ljubljana. During the experiment the board of researchers observed the impact that bioenergy had on the most malignant cancerous cells. Professor Marija Auersperg was one amongst many to have taken part in those experiments. She is the recognizable expert in the oncology field, broadly-educated polyglot speaking in seven foreign languages and she is a surgeon dedicated to pathohistology. Another researcher was professor Maja Cezar. The experiment included the influence the bioenergy had on the cells of endothelium, ovarian cancer, melanoma, bowel cancer. The scientists observed the amount of colonies and the change in cells’ morphology. Then, in different spans of time, after the bioenergy influence, researchers used microscope to see the changes in progress. In such a way, they analized what time had been needed for the cells to become changed after the ‘dose’ of bioenergy the patients were exposed to.

The results of those studies were surprising for doctors. Cancerous cells were disintegrated whereas other cells remained intact. It must be underlined that intentionally those experiments were not conducted on people. Cancerous cells were separated from ill human organs and were kept in test tubes in proper conditions. This enabled sceptics to state that those results were possible due to suggestion or placebo effect.

Those researches evoked a lot of discussions among doctors worldwide because they indicated the breakthrough. European Health Department has officially acknowledged this method after this and many other experiments in which Zdenko Domancic and his students took part. Also, Great Britain, Ireland and Austria acknowledged this method. Hospitals, worldwide, begin to co-operate with Domancic and his therapists because the effects of his method are impressive.

Bioenergy is not popular in Poland very much. Many people do not understand the way it works at all. It is due to the fact that there are many pseudo therapists, who damage the good name of bioenergy therapy. Moreover, there are still some false myths about bioenergy in Poland. I Eastern countries the idea of energy is as obvious as the effect of a pain killer in our country. I Easter countries doctors try to find the disorders in patients’ energy field. They seek the reason of illness, they do not focus on the symptoms in contrast to our doctors. Yet, it is true that this situation changes slowly in Poland. Doctors, who are really devoted to their work, know that by prescribing drugs, they harm patients, rather than cure them. On the other hand, however, if any doctors used only this unconventional method, he/she could most definitely loose their title. This is probably why they are afraid to use other methods in the process of treatment. My patients are also doctors. Therefore, I know this can be the reason.

Back to the topic, what happens with tumour during bioenergy session? First of all, the whole immunity system is ‘awaken’ and this is the beginning of getting better. Next step is dealing with tumour. According to the above researches, within ten minutes of such session around 20 % of cancerous cells are destroyed. Of course, it cannot be stated that it happens always exactly in the same way. I suspect that this is a very optimistic option. Nevertheless, each time after the therapy, cancerous cells are significantly weaker. From my experience I can state that this happens already after the first four-day session. The effects are greater in the following months if the human body can cope on its own with the illness. It is a very important aspect because it is the immunity system that really fights any disease. It all depends on the case. Sometimes, couple of months is enough to fight little lumps. In more severe situation, it may take even half a year, yet the session must take place once a month. My patients’ tumour have either weakened or disappeared completely. It is all the matter of time. Yet, it is common that doctors advise chemotherapy straight away. Therefore, it happens that a patient visits me directly before the chemotherapy and begins also bioenergotherapy. Such situation is also very successful. On one hand, chemotherapy destroys cancerous cells and on the other, biotherapy strengthens a weak human body and additionally we also destroy the cancer. In serious stages, when there is not enough time, you cannot relay only on natural methods. Those methods require often many months of treatment. Yet, it is worth to use them also. I cannot say that this method is always successful. Healing is the process that requires many other factors, which effects we cannot predict. But, even if Zdenko Domancic’s method would not give the expected health improvement, it will certainly not harm anyone. Bioenery allows other ways of treatment. It always strengthens the human body and improve its balance. In my opinion , is the last possible method, of course if the tumour was diagnosed in its early stage. If nothing else works, then you can decide to have chemotherapy. Yet, you should not treat this method as the only solution because this can be harmful. There are many ways of fighting tumours. All you need to do is to find out about them. Cancer is not a death sentence. The same sentence applies to other diseases. The fact that traditional medicine does not have means to cope with tumour and does not know the solution to this problem, does not mean that there is not any solution at all.

Even if somebody uses the natural method, it is advisable to stay in touch with a doctor. It is good to have some examinations done from time to time. And if somebody is afraid to use bioenergy as a basic treatment , then such person can combine it with the conservative approach.

By Bartosz Filapek

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