Domancic’s method of bioteraphy was created more than 30 years ago. It is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness. This method is recognized by science and practised throughout the whole world. It can heal adults and children when other methods fail. Zdenko Domancic teaches his method in Bioenergy Clinic in Slovenia, which is the biggest clinic in Europe, since 1993 This is a place where thousands of people come each year for a group therapy sessions.

During his practice Domancic has healed over a million patients, suffering from a variety of illness, reaching the most spectacular results. The success of his method (confirmed by scientists and doctors’ board) was taken down in cases such as diabetes, Parkinson disease, gangrene, Alzheimer disease, asthma, arthritis, jaundice type C, tumour, stroke and many others.

For his work results he received prestigious prize from the Slovenian President. He is also involved in researches over AIDS in the Stanford University and also over cancer in Oncology Department in Ljubljana. There are doctors, medicine workers, vets and scientists among his students and patients. Also, Slovenian national olimpic team gets treatments in his clinic. This therapy may be performed individually, in groups and from a distance. When a person is ill it is a sign that his/her immunity system does not want to co-operate, we are the mechanics of this system – Zdenko Domancic.c

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