Many people constantly wonder why they are unhealthy. Especially those, who are seriously ill, keep asking this question : "Why me?". There are different types of health problems appearing all the time, like vision problems, tumours, cardiovascular and nerve system problems. What is the real cause of those disorders? Doctors, while giving the diagnosis, rarely explain to the patient the cause of the illness. Fortunately, it is more and more common, that patients are informed that the cause of their health problems be too stressful life. It is a pity that at the same time there is no information given on how to avoid stress. Instead, pills are prescribed.

The symptoms diminish but not the problem itself. Couple of years ago, virtually no one paid to what really caused an illness. Doctors and patients focused on relieving the pain. As a result, it led some patients to become a drug addicts and more damage to patient’s body was done. The substances that a medicine contain are toxic. Nowadays, almost everyone, who is in pain, take a pill. People with chronic disease must take medicine all the time. Wouldn’t it be better to eliminate the cause of illness? When that is done, the symptoms will disappear. I would like to explain thoroughly how stress affects our health directly. It is all connected with lifestyle and the personality of a person. The personality is an important factor because some people are more susceptible to the environment whereas others do not react very emotionally to the things that happen in their lives. It is understandable which group is in more difficult position. The more we are susceptible to what is happens around us, the bigger the problems arise. By problems, I mean negative emotions like: fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, discontent etc. Those emotions have a destructive impact on our lives, not only as far as health is concerned, but also on other aspects. Yet, we should focus on health. All emotions enumerated above should be called stress.

Our energy field and the flow of energy channels, which run alongside our whole body, have an impact on our physical body. This dependence is mutual. If there is some injury done to the physical body e.g. broken arm or a car accident, energy system is disturbed. Stress is not a physical state because emotions cannot be measured by any device. During one day, we deal with thousands of things which evoke stress and each time our energy field is impaired slightly. The energy channels get narrowed, they become clinched. Thus, there is no energy flow. At this moment, the immunity system, which uses the energy is weakened. It is obvious that if such situation happens for a couple of days, the human body can regenerate quickly. Yet, let’s think what role does the stress play in our life every single day through the years. This cannot be without consequences. The energy field and immunity system are permanently damaged and as a result the disease appears. At the beginning it is not a very drastic state but in the course of time, if the mind does not function properly, more serious state occur. It is a common knowledge in Easter countries, that each disease has its origin in a very specific life problem, for instance: people who suffer from tumour tend to hide their negative emotions. I observed this pattern while working with my patient who had a cancer.

I hope that I was able to explain the origin of a disease. Certainly, it is merely a short description, I am sure one could write a book about this topic. It is important to take care of our own lives and stop letting others to control how we live. This is only an outline, should you need more specific information, visit my website.

By Bartosz Filapek

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