The immunity system is our personal doctor, who can cope with almost any health problem. If the immunity system is in a good condition, it protects us against illness. Even if we sporadically experience some life problems, that could potentially threaten our health, our natural defender will fight with it. Unfortunately, nowadays few people have properly working immunity system. Thus, so many of us are unhealthy. If the immunity system has been damaged, it is not easy to fix it, especially not with pharmacology.

Domancic’s method has been constructed in such a way that its first role is to enable the immunity system to work better and fight the disease. During the therapy, the energy field is repaired and the energy canals are cleared. Thus, the ailments subside.

Usually, not many people pay attention to the fact that immunity system really exists. It is a great mistake since its role is invaluable.

The immunity system defends us from various kind of viruses, bacteria or other disorders. We are busy with our lives and we do not notice that something wrong happens with our bodies. Regardless where we are or what we do, our body works day and night. We should respect it more, instead of causing more health problems. Our body often signals that something wrong has been happening. It can manifest in pain, allergies, discomfort. Instead of paying attention to those signs, people often take a medicine. As a result, in a long run, it turns out that we have a severe illness. And whose fault is that? Of course, we accuse anything or anybody but us:) It is really a paradox.

Today’s medicine offers many solutions to most common ailments such as cold or infection. Quite often, these are antibiotics. This medicine is however a less invasive chemotherapy used during neoplasm treatment. Have you ever been wondering what happens with the immunity system after taking antibiotics? Viruses and bacteria are not the only ones to be destroyed by this medicine. The whole micro system is also damaged. The same applies to vaccine. Instead of strengthening our personal ‘bodyguard’ and help him fight the disease, we weaken it even more. This method of treatment is not the proper one, it has no future.

On the contrary, thanks to biotherapy, human body is healed, not damaged. And there are no side effects. Who knows better about our health than the immunity system?

Bartosz Filapek

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