If the patient is severely ill and is not able to come to the office or lives far away, there is a possibility of performing a therapy from a distance. The rules and results of such therapy are exactly the same as in the office. The distance is not an obstacle for the energy. However, before this type of therapy the patient should get to know Zdenko Domancic’s method precisely. Then, the patient can contact me if he/she is certain to undergo therapy from a distance. To conduct this therapy a patient should deliver current photo and a description of illness. These should be sent by e-mail or by post on the office address before the therapy begins. During the therapy, a patient can sit comfortably without crossed legs or arms. He/she can lie down and concentrate on feelings that may arise during the session.

Your gratitude for the therapy can be also expressed in the form of donation.

Please, if you want to contact me – write an e-mail. Thank you!

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