Guidelines and rules of therapy


1. Therapy lasts 4 days in a row. It can be repeated every month, but no more than once a month. This rule does not apply to e.g. severe cases of tumour or life threatening illnesses. One session lasts for about 30 minutes.

2. A patient’s gratitude for the therapy may be expressed according to one’s discretion, conscience and possibilities.

3. First session ( 4 days) usually includes meeting with the patient and getting to know his/her health problems. Then , there is time for adjusting the proper therapy, which rebuilds the immunity system and improve health. This first session cannot be treated as a solution to all health problems. Usually, the full recovery is achieved by repeating the therapy for several months.

4. The type of illness does not really matter. Yet, the more developed the illness, the longer the process of healing.

5. If a patient, who has already made the appointment, cannot participate in the therapy, he/she must inform without a delay the therapist about it, so as not to block other patients’ appointments.

6. The effect of the therapy depends on the patient’s personal predisposition to heal. It is directly connected with the pace in which the patient gets better. Generally, everybody can be treated, it is always a matter of time. Unfortunately, some patients get discouraged too quickly and because of that they change therapist and doctors with no real effect.

7. During the therapy different feelings may arise. After the second day of therapy, there can also occur weakness, drowsiness sand light pain. It usually happens during the first session when the patient’s immunity system begins to heal and diagnoses problems which were not observed before. All those enumerated symptoms do not have to occur. Yet, about 40 % of patients have them and they are completely natural. There is no need to worry.

8. Patients should inform the therapist about all the ailments because such information may be important during the therapy. Nothing should be hidden. A patient should tell about all body reaction in-between the therapy session. Often, this can be an important hint while choosing the best therapy for a patient.

9. Zdenko Domancic’s therapy is entirely safe for the patient. Light ailments, which can occur during the therapy, manifest only the intensity with which immunity system works. It all looks similar to cold.

10. Coming to therapy, do not expect any particular results, do not think about the time you must devote. If you do this, you will build a wall and you will be deceived by your own mind. Energy needs a natural flow, then it works in the most efficient way. Thus, when you are at the session, set your mind free from your own believes, assumptions, just be open to receiving and be grateful for this. Try to be more humble towards the world. This is one of the most important elements.

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