Polish association of therapists by Zdenko Domancic’s Method

The Watchmaker of bioenegy

There is a clinic set up by Croatian healer Zdenko Domancic in a touristic town of Kranjska Gora in Slovenia.

During his thirty years of practice, he has healed nearly one million people. He has done that by using his own healing method. This alternative method, as the first one, has reached a scientific recognition. Moreover, according to Domancic, everybody can learn it.

Each month, there are nearly 900 people coming to Kranjska Gora from Europe, Asia and America. They stay at nearby hotels to attend a four-day healing session in Domancic’s clinic. Then, they return to their homes and undergo some medical examinations to fully document that the healing therapy is successful.

Understanding bio-healing

The local people always enjoy recognizing the celebrities who come to the clinic: famous sportsmen, politicians and show-business stars. But among rich and famous there are also poor and unrecognizable ones. Yet, all those people have something in common – they seek help. They believe at all costs in Domancic’s method, which has been scientifically acknowledged in 1984. It happened during the experiment in Zagreb, when Domancic cured 300 people suffering from humid gangrene (gangrena humida). Thanks to that, he saved patients from lower limbs amputation. However, despite this unquestionable effectiveness of Domancic’s method, a special doctors’ board was not interested in promoting this method.

-Is it humanitarian to let a person suffer from different kind of disabilities and to take from him/her a chance of being healthy just because of someone’s narrow-minded attitude? -asks Domancic – Conservative medicine would not give any hope to those people whom I gave a second chance for a healthy and active life.

Fortunately, after many years Domancic found recognition and favorable condition for his practice. Yet, not in Croatia, but in nearby Slovenia. Education Department of Slovenia released a special certificate, which stated that Domancic’s method should have an utmost importance for the Slovenian nation. More than that, thanks to the co-operation with state institutions, the Clinic in Kranjska Gora was able to patent this bio-healing method and obtain funds from the European Union.

Body can heal itself

According to Zdenko Domancic, nobody has ever cured anyone – not a doctor nor a therapist. When an illness occurs it is a manifestation that the immunity system is not able to overcome a problem that affected an organ or a body part. In Croat’s opinion, a therapist works as a mechanic, who only regulates a malfunction in immunity system. When the system starts working properly, human body which is a perfect factory, is able to create any substance needed for overcoming the illness completely. That is how a human body can heal on its own. – Let’s not call a vaccine a cure. A vaccine’s purpose is to provoke the symptoms of an illness and to stimulate the immunity system. The medicine pill is not also a cure. Antibiotics do not heal an illness. The only thing that they do is to help the weak immunity system – says Domancic.

You can’t understand everything

Domancic has come a long way to gain respect among doctors. Creating his method was not a final step in his practice. It was rather the beginning of twenty years of improving this healing bioenergy method. Gained experiences do not transverse into a sheer knowledge and understanding of the processes taking place during the therapy. Thus, all examinations require patience and ad Domancic puts it, an invisible hand, which would put the puzzles together and create one clear, coherent idea.

– I have learned a lot during my travels thanks to people whom I met – Domancic recalls.

– I met that shaman, who in front of my very eyes, rescued a man bitten by poisonous snake. According to common knowledge, the poor man would only have few hours of living. After the procedure done by the shaman, the dying man stood up and walked away as if nothing had ever happened. The most bizarre was the fact, that the shaman did not really know what he had been doing. I talked with him a lot afterwards to understand that you do not need to comprehend everything in order to heal others properly.

Domancic tried to prove his method and thus he co-operated with not only doctors but also with chemists, clarinetists, physicists and psychologists. He wanted to achieve an interdisciplinary analysis of his researches.

– My method does not have anything in common with traditional medicine so doctors may not be the only ones to decide about its credibility. Their opinion could be bias. – Domancic concludes. – What is important for the patient is the result of the treatment and not a method itself.

Nothing to hide

In this method, a therapist does not pass his/her own energy onto the patient. The therapist uses the energy present in the environment. Such energy, depending on the latitude, is called Prana or Chi. The therapist, in a split of second, collects a quantum of energy and passes it through his/her own inner energy to the system of a person in need. Thus, the therapist does not loose his/her energy, it never runs low. During the therapy, an emotional bound with patient cannot be created. – My therapists are not allowed to talk too much with their patients. They need to have basic knowledge of the symptoms of an illness or the doctor’s diagnosis. – Domancic explains. – It does not mean that I am indifferent to suffering. But patients have already spoken with their doctors and yet they are still ill. I do not want to put such burden my and my therapists’ shoulders because each spoken thought is a kind of energy. We do not need any details. When the patient states his/her health is improved, he/she will go to the doctor and will eventually talk about what happened. We build the trust in our method on the basis of a patient’s result before and after the therapy.

This method does not require a potential therapist to posses any healing abilities and is not depended on the level of an inner energy a therapist has. Domancic is keen on sharing his knowledge with others. So far, he has already taught over 6 thousand therapists.

– People want to know if my students are as successful as I am. I always reply that I do not use my own energy, but the method, which can be learned by anyone. Such knowledge – once acquired – will always be successful. I could not keep this knowledge only to myself, this would be inhuman. I have fought for 20 years for this method to be ackowledged and now I am proud that an ordinary person with a good heart can practice it.

An ordinary wonder maker

Many people perceive Domancic’s practices as wonders. Yet, he is against such attitude.

-Wonders can happen in primitive people’s world. Such people do not even try to understand what happens during a therapy session. I only balance an energy and transfer a life giving energy, bio plasma or bioenergy, into a direct contact with a human being. – Domancic explains. – It can be complicated process at first glance. It is important to know the ‘code’ through which you visualize an unhealthy person and transfer the data regardless of time, place and intention of healing. With a help of bioenergy, we can treat illnesses which are described as incurable. It is a gift, which has existed for thousands of years, for human beings.

According to Domancic, people are unhealthy because their souls suffer because they are not able to fulfill people’s dreams. A lot of our secret wishes are unrealistic and when a soul realizes that a body starts to be ill. Therefore, if you want to avoid illness, you should harmonize your desires and adjust them to your personal possibilities. To this end, Domancic advises to repeat this famous prayer: God, set me free from myself. Croatian healer perceives people as spiritual human beings, who through reincarnation, gets higher in their spiritual development. Events from the past prepare us for another experience, the following exams of consciousness, which are taking place in the future reincarnation.

– In my opinion reincarnation is a logical fact. It is not possible that a person who lives for about 80 years, could gather a sufficient number of life experiences. It does not matter if this person is man or a woman, rich or poor, healthy, unhealthy, pretty, ugly, happy or unhappy. This all requires many incarnation. – Domancic insists. When we observe a particular event, we gather a relative experience. But, when we personally take place in an event, our experience becomes an absolute one. Thus, you cannot have an absolute experience of all those potential events in just one human life.

God that is inside of us

The Croat’s philosophy could be summed up in two words: modesty and moderation. Old souls give an example to others. They are tolerant, full of love and acceptance. According to the logic of dualistic picture of the world, when we experience happiness we can be sure that in a next incarnation we will receive the same amount of unhappiness.

– When a hand of a huge metronome leans out too much in one direction it will have to lean into the other side with all consequences because God, who is inside of us, cannot be deceived. In front of God, we should always remain honest. Such attitude can protect us from unnecessary sufferings and many illnesses.

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